“Ken is more than just an editor, he's a creative collaborator.  He brings his unique point of view to every project, often seeing things others miss and making ideas stronger in the process.  When you turn a project over to Ken, you know you'll get something back that's cohesive, emotional and beautiful to watch.  And you know it'll be on time, on brief and on budget.  Whether it's a TV spot, long form content or a pitch video, he brings the same level of passion and professionalism to the table.  Ken's one of my secret weapons and he should be one of yours.”
Jim Lansbury: Principal, Creative Director - RP3 Agency

“These days just about anyone can slap a video together.  But just because they can, doesn’t mean they should.  And Ken reminds you why.  He’s a craftsman in a field where craft makes all the difference.  The perfect blink.  The right pause.  Or note.  Or sound effect.   Or no effect.   Success is in the details.  And so is Ken.”
Woody Kay: Managing Partner, Chief Creative Officer - Arnold Worldwide

“We are a moderate size agency based in the DC area with a laundry list of demanding clients.  We can only afford to hire people who fully understand those client complexities and approach the work with flexibility, experience, and resourcefulness.
Ken has been a key ingredient in our environment for years - always pulling through - and always impressing our clients with his unique approach to the production.  If you need someone to fully own a project - Ken is the right choice.”
Mark DeVito: Sr. Creative Director - Proof Integrated Communications

“Ken is great. He’s a top notch editor, and a favorite go-to for VO work as well.  His passion for story-telling is evident, and we can always count on him to deliver an outstanding piece – even under challenging deadlines.  His flexibility and collaborative approach to each engagement is always appreciated.”
Aimee Rose: Sr. Vice President, Director of Client Strategy - Edelman